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According to Lawn Mowing Dawsonville experts Mowing very short weakens the grass plant, making it more vulnerable. The majority of grass types should be mowed using a 3 inch to 4 inch high mowing setting.

Cutting too forcefully, or scalping the lawn, forces grass plants to grow their blades again and also makes your lawn more prone to weeds. The best way to lush, thick lawns is mowing high. Setting your mower to the highest feasible setting for your grass type permits the blades to grow thick and develop a deep root system. This technique also crowds out weeds, putting you well on your way to cultivating the most enviable backyard on the block.

Lawn Mowing Dawsonville follow these steps:

  • Set your mower high
  • Mow a dry lawn
  • Vary your mow pattern
  • Mow as needed
  • Wait for good mowing height

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